Don’t need a loan – Save on Electricity Bills

If your home runs mostly on electric rather than gas, then you may find that your bills are much higher compared to a gas-run household. Electricity is generated from fossil fuels, whereas gas is a fossil fuel in itself, so the extra energy and time it takes to convert it to electricity is what costs the extra money. We all take electricity for granted – it’s everywhere we go. Lighting and plug sockets rely on it completely, and some people heat their homes and cook their food using electric energy too. The less energy you can use, the better. This is because it will mean fewer units need to be generated and it will also save you money over time too. Here’s a rundown of the most effective ways to save.

Stick to one energy saving bulb

Look at your light fixtures and fittings in each room – do you have more lights than you actually need? Some rooms may have multiple bulb light fittings, as well as lights mounted to the walls as well as the ceilings. In some homes this may be a necessity, as the room could be particularly large or have areas which need more light than others. If you can, stick to one, bright, energy-saving bulb in each room and only use extra lamps when needed.

Sort out your thermostat

Your thermostat is the temperature regulator for the whole house, so it’s important (if you heat your home with electricity) to place it in an area where it’s going to reflect the general temperature of the house as a whole. Putting the thermostat in a draughty or shady area will mean that it could think your home is cooler than it really is, meaning that it puts the heating on higher for longer. Turning it down a couple of degrees could help with this is you can’t move it.

Consider a woodburner

Rather than using expensive electricity to heat your home, why not get as much ‘free’ heat as you can and install a wood burner? Using wood from your garden or asking for free wood pallets to break up from local businesses could be a relatively cheap and efficient way to warm your home. Buying wood and slow-burning coal is often much cheaper than what your electricity bills may be, so look into how much you could be saving to see if a wood burner is for you.

Get rid of your tumble dryer

Any appliance plugged into the mains in your home is using electricity, so think carefully about what is really necessary for you. Tumble driers can be one of the most expensive things to run and they’re not that essential. If you can, dry clothes by hanging them up in well ventilated rooms, or put them outside on a washing line if the weather is good. Spinning your clothes in the washing machine after a wash cycle can really help get excess water out of them, and if you hang them to dry properly, you may not need to iron as much either! 

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